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Why Choose Omega Evaporative Cooling?


Environmentally Friendly


Refrigerated Air Conditioners create dry air inside your home and use refrigerants which may harm the environment. Evaporative Air Conditioners operate on a totally natural process for cooling your home. The air is cooled using water, which does not dry out the air or cause irritation to you or your family. There are no harmful refrigerants, just water and air.


Omega Evaporative Air Conditioners will continuously refresh the inside of your home with a cool breeze, filtering out odours, dust, pollens and airborne pollutants. Cool, clean, fresh air gently passes through your home in silence.


Reduce your Energy Bills


Omega Evaporative Air Conditioners cost up to 50% less to install and up to 80% less to run than comparable refrigerated systems.


The Benefits of Omega Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems


• Introduces 100% fresh air, not recycled air.

• Odours and stale air are exhausted outdoors.

• Great for allergy and asthmatic conditions.

• Greatly reduces the costs of staying cool.

• Windows & doors can be left open.

• Cooling capacity increases as outside temp rises.

• Low purchase & installation cost.

• Flexible climate control system.

• Environmentally friendly.

• Low Maintenance.

• Natural cool air.

• Keeps air moist.

• Quiet Operation.

• No winter draft.

• Heavy duty motor.


We Guarantee it!


Omega's commitment to provide total reliability is reinforced by our 5 year conditional* Warranty on Parts and Labour.

Evap Warranty - 5yrs.png
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