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Omega Ducted Heater Thermostat Options

Choose a Thermostat to suit your needs

There are two options for thermostats to control the Omega Climate Systems gas ducted heaters.


You can choose from either our high end touchscreen thermostat with large backlit display which will control both our ducted heating and evaporative cooling systems or a simple rotary controlled thermostat which can be used to control the ducted heating only.

If you like to keep things simple, we have our standard rotary controlled thermostat, it doesn’t get any easier, just switch it on and set the knob to your desired temperature.

If you are a person who likes to be in control, the Omega digital thermostat is still simple to use with its set and forget control temperature selection and it’s touchscreen display.

Controls both ducted heating and evaporative cooling systems


Can control Cooling

and/or Heating

Ambient Temperature

Set Temperature

Touchscreen Buttons

Large Blue Backlit Display

Variable Fan Speed

Large Temperature Display

(Can also display outside temperature with optional sensor)

Controls ducted heating only

Heater Thermostat NEW.png

Small Compact Housing

Large Blue Backlit Display

Simple Push Button controls

Large Temperature Display

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