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Omega Thermostat


Outstanding Looks


Like everything else, the Omega thermostat is designed with you in mind. As the thermostat is the main focus of any heating or cooling system it must look good on the wall and compliment any décor, be very easy to use and meet all the needs of the user and the equipment it is controlling.


Our thermostat has a low profile, sitting only 12mm off the wall and has an unobtrusive appeal so it wont look out of place on your wall.


Simplicity of one control


You can also use the Omega thermostat to control the Omega Ducted Heaters, no more need for multiple thermostat installations on your walls, control your heating and cooling from the one device. So you only need to learn how to use one thermostat for your complete home comfort... now that’s handy.

Amazing Features


This thermostat has been specially developed to work with your Omega Evaporative Cooler and/or Omega Ducted Heater. The easy to read touchscreen display features an adjustable backlight for easy viewing even at night.

The set and forget control temperature selection makes operating your thermostat an easy task.

There are optional settings for continuous fan and “sleep” modes, and the thermostat can also display the external temperature (when fitted with an outside sensor). The thermostat will even remember your settings in the event of power loss.


Easy to Use


The thermostat has touch buttons for all key features including Heat and Cool modes; Variable Fan Speed Selection in Cooling mode, with auto fan speed option; and Power on/off.


Can control Cooling

and/or Heating

Ambient Temperature

Set Temperature

Touchscreen Buttons

Large Blue Backlit Display

Variable Fan Speed

Large Temperature Display

(Can also display outside temperature with optional sensor)

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