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Plastic Moulding & Automotive Applications


At Omega Plastics we currently use our injection moulding machines to supply a large number of markets, including the heating & cooling industry with our roof mounted evaporative cooler housings and wall mounted thermostat controllers.


We mould an impressive variety of large car parts for the automotive industry, ranging from bumper facias, exterior & interior trims, underhood components to truck fenders. We also perform robot cutting, decoration (painting & plating) and assembly plus comprehensive protective packaging.


Omega has substantial storage for finished goods stock in order to balance production run lengths and quick response delivery. We specialise in the management of automotive service parts and have the facilities to store, handle and maintain large injection moulding tools.


All of our products are manufactured under strict quality assurance practices.

Production Line & Assembly


At Omega Plastics we employ a team of experienced and dedicated operators who run the equipment to ensure efficiency in set-up and process control while getting hands-on on the assembly line. We build our Aircon appliances from flat sheet & straight pipes with full steel and plastics fabrication plus the best component sources.


Our Quality Management system is based on the international requirements of ISO9001 which applies to the design/development, production & assembly procedures.


Our production lines are capable of full online assembly, currently assembled on these lines are our own ducted heating systems and evaporative cooling systems.


Robot driven cutting and ultrasonic staking may also be integrated into the subassembly process for a range of derivative parts from common base mouldings.

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