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Omega Drain Pan Adaptor (Square model)

PLUMBING MADE EASY - Currently approved for use with Toilet Pans...


The DA330 Omega Drain Pan Adaptor is approved to WMTS-536:2022 under Watermark certificate WM-032271 for installation with toilet pans.

The extra large catchment bowl is installed below the floor level and includes a centred pipe outlet with acute wall angles which increase fall, improve flow and eliminate backflow.

The large flat top lid provides a wide surface area for aligning and installing plumbing connection. This eliminates issues with tight tolerances in plumbing and trying to line up piping.

The re-inforced lid is designed to maintain its strength and rigidity even once installed. 

The centre point for the piping can be drilled anywhere inside the guide square to allow fitment of our unique Funnel Ring. The interior stepped edge of the funnel only allows the pipe to feed down only 17mm where it comes to a stop. This prevents the pipe being pushed down too far & causing a blockage from poor installation. 

  • Extra large catchment bowl for increased flow.

  • Unique Funnel Ring has an interior edge that prevents the installer from pressing the pipe down too far. It will only go down 17mm and then come to a stop. No blockages from incorrect pipe height. 

  • No more offset fitting required.

  • No need to adjust toilet pan to suit riser pipe.

  • Guide square in the middle of the lid represents the allowable centre point location for drilling the funnel ring hole.

  • Moulded from industry correct plastics with a robust construction to withstand high load pressure.

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