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Features of the Omega Gas Ducted Heater

Zone Heat Efficiency


To ensure efficient use of our natural resources “zone heating” allows you to heat only the area you need to heat. Why heat the bedrooms during the day or the living areas at night? It doesn’t make sense does it! With our ZMS heaters you can heat only the living areas during the day and only the bedrooms at night… it’s easy with Omega. Simply closing vents is not enough. Omega zoned heaters automatically reduce gas and fan outputs when a particular zone is shut-off.




Our high efficiency heaters ensure that you get the maximum amount of heat output for gas input. The Gas Energy Rating of our heaters is either 3 star or 4 star, offering a choice of efficiency depending on your budget. Our ZMS heaters combined with dual thermostats and high efficiency allow you to maintain ideal comfort levels throughout the entire house whilst slashing energy costs and protecting the environment.

Two Thermostats are better than one


Traditionally, most residential heating systems rely on one thermostat to monitor both zones. Unfortunately a single thermostat can only read the ‘average’ temperature of the area in which it is located. This results in uneven temperatures and wasted heating energy. Omega’s optional unique dual thermostat system allows you to set a different temperature in each zone. Constant monitoring of the system means that only the exact amount of energy needed is used since the heater instantly reacts to the temperature measured within each zone. Even a remote control thermostat can’t be in two places at once.


Electronic Spark Ignition


All Omega heaters have state of the art electronic ignition systems which save up to $40 per year on your gas bill compared to permanent pilots. Electronic spark ignition uses less electricity than hot surface ignition systems so you will also save money on your electricity bill and our environment will benefit.

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