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Features of the Omega
Evaporative Air Conditioner

Every Omega Evaporative Air Conditioner is supplied with the following features:

Our advanced and compact wall control thermostat has an easy to read adjustable backlit touchscreen display and looks great on the wall. You can even control our ducted heating system using this single wall controller for both heating and cooling.

Omega’s revolutionary aero-dynamic fan and fan motor ensure you will have one of the quietest evaporative coolers on the market.


The plastic housing is injection moulded which allows for a thicker and more consistent wall thickness than the competitors. This gives added strength to the cooler for a longer lasting appliance. Its low profile conforms to the roof slope.




Model:  Omega 260

Size:  1060 (L) x 1060(W)

Height:  830mm (Front) - 680mm (Back)

Motor:  950 Watts

Cellular Pads:  200,000 cm³

Indicative Air Flow:  5200 l/s 


Colour Options


Omega Evaporative Air Conditioners are available in two colours to complement your roofing colour.



Due to limitations of on-screen colour management, actual product colour may vary from colours shown.



Australia's Climate System


Omega Climate Systems has been designing and manufacturing heating & cooling appliances in Australia for more than 20 years. We produce high quality products in our Melbourne based production facility with guarantees of up to 10 years.


Qualified Installers


Our national network of dealers and installers can have your Evaporative cooler installed professionally in no time. Our specially selected and trained installers will provide you with a quality installation that is fit for any home.


After Sales Service


Omega Climate Systems has a team of factory trained service technicians and friendly service operators to keep your evaporative cooler at optimum operating condition.

The unique design of the cellular pad is thicker than the competitors which offers better saturation and delivers maximum cooling efficiency.

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