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Omega Smart Wifi Thermostat Controller


You can now control your Omega Ducted Heating and Evaporative cooler using our new Smart Thermostat which can be controlled by either the remote/wall mounted unit or from anywhere remotely via WiFi and the Omega Mobile App available to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Easy to Use

The handheld thermostat is compact and easy to use. It has touch buttons to set key features and activate your heating and cooling using the large easy to read display.

Wifi Controller System Features

  • Interactive display makes it easy to set the desired temperature.

  • Wireless radio frequency that eliminates the need for hard wiring the thermostat.

  • Large easy to read backlit LCD screen.

  • Configurable features:

- °F or °C temperature display
- 12 or 24 hour clock display


  • Battery Type: 2xAA Batteries

  • Transmission Frequency: 433 Mhz

  • Operating Temperature: 0°C - 50°C

  • Operating Time: Approx. 12 months 

  • (based on backlight operation of 10 secs. per day)

  • Size: 68 x 170 x 19mm (LxWxH) 


SMART Servicing Features

With our new sophisticated control board, your Omega Heater can be serviced much easier than ever before. The technician simply plugs their laptop into the control board on the heater to complete their checks and run a full diagnosis to keep your heater running at the optimum level for years to come.

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DOWNLOAD the Omega Mobile App, available FREE in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Control your home’s temperature from anywhere you have internet access and an Omega Thermostat Controller installed.

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