Omega Roof Exhaust Vent


The Omega Roof Vent is designed to evacuate condensation and odours from your bathroom and other rooms directly outside the house. 

With regulation changes no longer allowing you to vent condensation into the roof cavity, the Omega Roof Vent allows installation with the use of a 6" duct pipe to ventilate to the outdoors. 

We have multiple designs to suit either a tiled roof or a metal/colorbond roof. Including options made from plastic molded panels for easy fitment to formable aluminium flashing.

Made locally in Australia from UV Stabilised plastic, these versions of the Exhaust Vent have been designed to suit the tough Australian outdoor conditions. 

  • UV stabilised plastic version won’t rust or discolour in the elements.

  • Available in versions suitable for either tiled or metal roofs with options of plastic flashing variations or formable aluminium version.

  • Available with a short or long stem vent. 

  • Comes in a variety of colours to suit your roofing.

  • Compatible with 6" Ducting.​

  • Optional Fire Rating with UL94 V2 compliant plastic and BAL29 rated Internal Mesh.


  Corrugated Flashing Model  


  Flat Flashing Model  

  • Condensation and odours vent outdoors and not into the roof cavity.

  • Meets bathroom ventilation requirements.

  • Our roof vents are designed to be safe for collecting rain water into your tank with our high quality plastic or aluminium flashing design. It’s safer for you and the environment. 

Plastic Vent Exploded1.png

Outer Cap

Long Neck Vent 
Short Neck Vent

Flat Flashing Panel or 
Corrugated Flashing Panel or
Formable Aluminium Flashing Panel


  Formable Aluminium  

  Flashing Model  

Vent-Mesh.122 cropped.jpg
  • The Roof Vent can be optionally manufactured from polypropylene plastic that is fire retardant and has been tested to comply with V2 flammability requirements of standard UL94.

  • The fire rated Roof Vent also comes fitted internally with a BAL29 compliant wire mesh.

BAL29 compliant wire mesh

tech diagram vents.png