Omega Roof Exhaust Vent


The Omega Bathroom Roof Exhaust Vent is designed to evacuate condensation and odours from your bathroom directly outside the house. 

With regulation changes no longer allowing you to vent condensation into the roof cavity, the Omega Bathroom Roof Exhaust Vent allows installation with the use of a 5" or 6" duct pipe to ventilate to the outdoors. 

Made locally in Australia from UV Stabilised plastic, the Roof Vent has been designed to suit the tough Australian outdoor conditions. 

The thin but durable Aluminium flashing supplied with the kit allows it to be formed for installation on either a tiled roof or metal roof for maximum diversity.

  • Suitable for tile or metal roofs.

  • Available in two versions to suit 5" or 6" duct pipe.

  • Made from UV stabilised plastic so won’t rust or discolour in the elements.

  • Fire Resistant plastic used.

  • Condensation and odours vent outdoors and not into the roof cavity.

  • Meets bathroom ventilation requirements.

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Omega Roof Bathroom Vent brochure